Past Winners

2017 Chester Travis - Toothache 
2015 Kaylee Bell & Jared Porter - Pieces
2014 Tami Neilson & Delaney Davidson – Whiskey & Kisses
2013 Marlon Williams & Delaney Davidson - Blood Letter
2012 Delaney Davidson – You're A Loser
2011 Donna Dean – What Am I Gonna Do?  
2010 Matt Langley -'7.13  
2009 Jess Chambers - 'Stringing Me Along  
2008 Bruce Dennis - 'Ain't Gonna Run'  
2007 Barry Saunders - 'Pale Sun'  
2006 Jools Topp - 'Tamworth'  
2005 Kylie Harris & John Griffin Nashville - 'Give Me Something To Go On'  
2004 Donna Dean - 'Money'                 


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